Chainly is specialized in equipment manufacturer for bubble tea shop, you can find various types of the packaging machine, sealing machine, shaved ice machine and fructose filling machine for all your shop needs.
Fructose Filling Machine
ET-9EN Fructose Filling Machine
ET-9CSN-S Fructose Dispenser
ET-9CSN-S Fructose Filling Machine
YE-8E Fructose Fillter Machine
YE-8E Fructose Fillter Machine
PD260 Powder Quantity Machine
PD260 Powder Quantity Machine
Automatic Sealing Machine - ET-999SN
ET-999SN Automatic Sealing Machine
Bubble Tea Sealing Machine
ET-95MN Automatic Sealing Machine
shaved ice machine
PDOB-2 Ice Shaver Machine
Small Snow Ice Shaver
JB-209 Small Snow Ice Shaver
Stainless Electric Ice Planer
JB-206 Stainless Electric Ice Planer
hawaiian shaved ice machine
PD-25 Small Ice Cube Shaver Machine
Bubble Tea Shaking Machine
Shaking Machine
bubble tea shaker machine
Automatic Shake Machine
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